Who knew traveling without kids could cause such anxiety!- Originally Published 9/13/16

My dear husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary very soon!! I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that it has really been 20 years!!! I mean who thought someone could put up with me that long…right!! He surprised me quite a few months back by letting me know we would be going to Hawaii!!! I was so happy I literally cried. I have always wanted to go it is on my “bucket list”after all. It seemed sooo very far away so I put it in the back of my mind for some time. As it gradually crept closer and I would happily imagine the trip and all the fun I would have. Then all of a sudden one morning I woke up and thought oh no, we are leaving in a week and I have done NOTHING to plan. My parents will be watching Madison so that is taken care of, but that was it. My husband and I rarely even hire sitters. I know that we should be doing “date nights” periodically to keep our marriage strong but with his crazy work schedule we like to spend time as a family together. It has been well over a year since she has spent even a single night away from me. So one week out here I am frantically making a list of everything I need to tell my mom about since she is watching her. (how to pack lunch, car lane drop-off procedures, bed time routine, off limit foods, favorite foods, morning routine, homework process, doctor contact info, dentist contact info, flight info, hotel info, how to feed the fish, plant watering, how to work the tv… I could go on I have a list a page and a half long…). I worked myself up into a full panic attack. I wonder if everyone does this or am I some rare creature unable to cope with the idea of leaving my little one behind… I am so thankful that I have my Young Living essential oils!! Thankfully I was introduced to them by a fellow mom a year or so back. They are a lifesaver!!!! I made myself a roller to help relax myself so I could finish the list that I will go over a million times when my mom arrives, and I will also be taking the roller with me on my trip. I know that my mom knows exactly what she is doing (she raised 4 kids after all). Madison will be in the best hands possible and I know that I will have a great time and come back refreshed and recharged!! The hardest part will be walking out the door!




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